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Top Online Passive Income Ideas to Make Money

It seems as though every time we turn around, there is a new way that the Internet has added convenience to our lives – passive income ideas galore.  But the question is do all these ideas and money-making methods really work. Whether this convenience is in the realm of communication or information exchange, it just lends credence to the notion that we would not be the same if we didn’t have the Internet anymore. The same holds true for personal income generation, and the Internet is completely full of making money methods that if utilized, could lead to a more carefree financial life.

If you want to get free from the shackles of 9-5 grind then you really want to be looking at setting up income streams that can generate money without you having to be actively working.

What is passive income ideas?

Passive income is income that you do not actively have to pursue in order to attain. It’s opposite, active income, usually is the end result of an exchange of time and effort with a second party. The hundreds of millions of people working for a paycheck every week fall into this category. However, passive income generates on its own with little or no maintenance after its initial setup.

So what are some passive income ideas that can be utilized by somebody who is not completely technically inclined? Well, there are so many different forms of passive income that can be generated via the Internet, the vast amount would be impossible to catalogue within the confines of a single article such as this. But the primary focus of this article will be to showcase three categories.

Affiliate Marketing to make money online

The first of these categories would be affiliate marketing. This is where you create a website or blog with the specific purpose of selling another party’s product or service. As with all passive income ideas, there is an initial setup that needs to be done correctly in order for the revenue to keep generating. In the case of affiliate marketing, a well-maintained site or up-to-date blog are usually the two elements that need the most attention in the initial phase.

By utilizing search engine optimization and simple marketing and exposure methods, traffic generated and directed to your website or blog with its affiliate link attached will eventually be self-sustaining after the initial period of hard work.

Publish e-books to generate recurring Passive Income

A second commonly used category among passive income ideas is the writing and publishing of e-books. This, if done correctly, could be a more potentially efficient moneymaker then affiliate marketing. By utilizing a service like Clickbank which showcases e-books and markets them to potential online resellers (affiliate marketers). This is incredibly helpful in that the only effort on your part is the actual writing of the publication.

Services like Clickbank do all the marketing and accounting for you, so it is truly passive income in that you need only log in and look at your earnings.

Forex or Invest in Shares to generate Passive Income

A third method of generating passive income through online means is the utilization of the Forex market or Investing in Shares. Forex is a currency exchange system that works off of trading values of currencies as they go up and down throughout the course of a given market’s day.  Or you can also do investing in shares to generate passive income.  Note this is a high-risk method and does require initial investment with the dreaded prospect of losing your money.  So, I would suggest you really spend time reading up on this method and seek financial advice before trying this out.

There are programs available for your computer that utilizes complex artificial intelligence algorithms to track trends and automatically buy and sell the currencies based on them. However, it should also be noted that based on ups or downs in the market environment, passive income could become passive loss if not monitored carefully.

These are just some passive income ideas that people have tried with a measure of success by using online methods. It is recommended that you try as many as possible in order to cast as wide a net as possible on potential income streams that could help you become less dependent on your paycheck or another regular form of active revenue. And who knows?

Maybe your efforts could replace your regular job eventually and allow you to live your life with a form of freedom very few people are able to enjoy.

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Zubair Ahmed a blogger by nature writing on many blogs, he is also very interested in Making Money Online, setting up Passive Income Stream and Investing.  In his posts, he will share ideas and potential online earning methods that he and others have tried which have worked.

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