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Review of YouTube Passive Income on Steroids

YouTube Cash on Steroids is a product made by Cory Friedman, a successful 27-year-old internet entrepreneur. It is a series of videos teaching a person to take advantage of the popularity of YouTube in attracting persons who are interested to buy something on the internet. I have been a fan of YouTube, having downloaded thousands of videos. So when I saw the information about this product YouTube Cash on Steroids I was curious.

After taking a close look at this product I realize that it helps me in affiliate marketing. It consists of videos and a pdf script which guides a person on how to use the videos. What it does is it tells you how to select a product to market, make a research about this product so that you will be able to describe it on the video of YouTube, write the script using search optimized keywords, record it on video and publish it on YouTube.

But there is an added twist to this product. It is purposely designed so that you can outsource it. This program teaches you how to hire somebody who is looking for work on the internet and do the work for you. Of course, if you do not want somebody else to do it for you but you want to do it yourself this can still be done. The purpose why Cory designed the use of this program for outsourcing is so you can be free to do other things more important and perhaps more profitable.

What are the Benefits of marketing on Youtube?

The primary benefit you can get out of this Youtube Passive Income program is that you will know how to pre-sell any digital product you choose to promote on YouTube. As a consequence of this, you will easily get ranked number 1 in the Google Search Engine because Google gives preference to YouTube videos in its listing of products being searched. The instruction is very clear and done step by step.

This means that you will be able to successfully sell the products you are promoting as an internet affiliate.

Another very important benefit is that you will be able to outsource your affiliate marketing to people who would like to do this work for hire. The favourite places to outsource are the Philippines (where I live) and India because English is used in these places as a medium of business transactions. You can now relax and you can help other people get jobs just using their computer with an internet connection.

A third benefit which is very important is that Cory Friedman is very helpful. If you need help on the use of this product you can easily ask him in the Warrior Forum of internet marketers.

Is this the only Youtube Passive Income Method?

No, it is one of many making money online schemes that you can use to start on your journey to generating wealth.  The thing to remember is that you will not make money using ‘Get rich quick schemes’ – everything discussed on this website has been tried and tested, and I am sharing with you to encourage learning and a path that you can take to work from home to generate an online passive income.

Making money online from home is possible – but to do that you need to learn new knowledge so keep on reading and applying what you learn.  Gradually over time, you will see your earnings grow.


There are no perfect products. So even with YouTube Cash on Steroids or Youtube Passive Income, there are problems. Sometimes the link sent by Cory does not work. This can be fixed immediately upon reporting to Cory.

Another problem is that the maker of this program has more than 10 other products on the internet and he has no staff (as of this writing) to oversee the functioning of these products. He does everything by himself. Up to a point, this is possible but when problems are encountered like somebody hacks his website he is not able to respond immediately. That is why there are complaints in the Warrior Forum.

Using the criteria of clarity of description and explanation on how to set up the system, the effectiveness of the system, the ease of use, the price, and the guarantee of refund, I would rate this product 4 out of 5.

Overall I can say that this is a very good product besides having been awarded the Product of the Day Award as published in the Warrior Forum. It is rather new and so it is not yet reviewed in the IM Report Card website as of this writing.

There are many people making money using this Youtube Passive Income method and content on Youtube, so really worth looking into it and considering how you can use this passive income method to earn money online.

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Zubair Ahmed

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