Building Wealth from nothing – Make Rich Friends and Learn?

Did you know that most people earn the average of their five best friends’ salaries? It’s a little scary, right?

Why? Because knowingly or not, we become like the people we surround ourselves with. So if you want to know – How you can start Building Wealth from nothing? – Make Rich Friends and Learn from them.

Which means, when you’re spending a lot of time with someone, your habits and behaviours are going to brush off on each other.

If your friends aren’t wealthy, you’re probably not going to make money.

That’s nothing against your friends, it’s just a simple fact.  Ever noticed that rich always invite the other wealthy people to their parties and business events.  How often do you see a person from a poor background associate with someone who is rich and successful?

The thing is, I think a lot of people don’t realize that money-making is as much in the mind as, say, playing a sport or an instrument to a top-level.  If you are really interested in building wealth, then you must start to select who you make friends with.  I’m not saying don’t mix and make friends with people who are not rich or successful but to be selective in how much time you spend with those that have already achieved the goal that you are aiming for.

See, if we want to get good at almost anything in life, we need to get coaching and guidance from people who are ‘experts’ in that area – and these people play a vital role in how successful we become in that field.

For instance, more often than not top basketball coaches were (or are) great players themselves.

Building wealth from nothing when taking – Financial advice from friends or family members who are not even well-off themselves?

Believe me, I get it.

We’ve been raised to trust our parents and to believe that they know what’s best for us.

And when it comes to becoming wealthy and successful, if your parents are well-off business moguls, then, by all means, you should listen to whatever advice they have.

But on the other hand, if your parents, your Uncle John, or your friend Tom are still struggling to pay off their own debts, then are they really the best people to be listening to?

I mean, you wouldn’t expect to learn how to surf from someone who can barely even stay on board, right?

In my profession, I see people following the wrong financial advice all the time.  Clients have said to me, “Well, I was going to do that, but then so-and-so said that it won’t work”.

And I said back to them, “Well, how much money does so-and-so make a year?”, and as it turns out, so-and-so’s not making much at all.  So please, don’t get me wrong… your friends are certainly an important part of your life.  To be good at building wealth from nothing, you need to network with others who have done just that, they should be people who are successful and building wealth, they know how to make money and can teach you a thing or two about what works and what doesn’t.

In order to become wealthy and successful, you need to start following the advice of people who are living the kinds of abundant, financially-free lives you want!

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I’d one day be rich and make money.

Financial troubles followed me into my 20’s and 30’s. My credit card debt was building up and up and I was always living in the red. Building wealth was the last thing on my mind, and who would have thought one can start on building wealth from nothing was even possible.  Madness just to think that you can get money by doing nothing.

It was only when I took control of my own financial mindset and started tuning out all of the negative influences and getting inspiration from successful people, that things really took off for me in a BIG way.

People like Tony Robbins, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra and even Dr Oz. are my own personal role-models and have guided me a lot in my quest for success.

At the end of the day, it comes down to this simple fact:

In order to get rich and successful in building wealth from nothing, you need to get advice from rich people who have already established ways in which to make money!

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Zubair Ahmed

Zubair Ahmed a blogger by nature writing on many blogs, he is also very interested in Making Money Online, setting up Passive Income Stream and Investing.  In his posts, he will share ideas and potential online earning methods that he and others have tried which have worked.

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